Free Educational Songs for Circle Time

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Free Educational Songs for Circle TimeI always loved circle time with preschoolers … although when I had a Montessori school, we called it “line time” since our lines (created from colored electrical tape on the floor) were in the shape of an ellipse in one room and a circle in another.

I even led “circle time” twice a week when I was a Montessori school director  … too much fun to give up! And songs were always one of my favorite parts of “circle time.” I typically accompanied the songs on guitar, although CDs work very well, leaving hands free to use props or hand motions. A cappella works well, too. And YouTube videos are easy to use in a home environment.

Even though there are lots of wonderful CDs you can buy that I absolutely love (and used both as a teacher and homeschooler), I’m just listing free resources here. There will be links to some CDs available for purchase as well as free resources in my Pinterest post linked to at the bottom of this post.

These are songs for any season that I’ve found online for preschool (and some for kindergarten and early elementary) teachers, whether you’re a Montessori teacher, homeschooler, or any other style of teacher or childcare provider. Of course, they’re also great if you’re a parent supplementing your child’s learning at home. Just choose the songs appropriate for the level and interests of your child/students. Even though the songs work for any type of educational orientation, I’m organizing them using Montessori curriculum areas.

Practical Life Songs

Care of Self

Handwashing songs (to help children learn to wash their hands for 20 seconds) Singing the “ABC Song” is often recommended during handwashing.

“Happy Handwashing Song” (sing 2 times through)

“Nursery Rhyme – Wash Your Hands” (sing 2 times through)

Scrub Squad from Kid Scoop.

“Rubba Dub Dub, Animated Handwashing Song” from The Singing Nurse

“The Brush My Teeth Song” by Matt R.

Grace and Courtesy

“Yes No Please Thank You Song”

Safety Songs

“Road Crossing Safety Song” from Training Happy Hearts

Sensorial Songs

“The Colors Song” by A. J. Jenkins

“Mix And Match Your Colors” by Kiboomu

“They Might Be Giants – Roy G Biv”

“Colors Song for Children” (Roy G. Biv) by Neel and Patty Shukla

“Shapes Song” by Kiboomu

“Shapes Song” by A. J. Jenkins

Language Songs

“Ants on the Apple” (I LOVE this song! When I did my master’s school placement in a nursery in England, I purchased the book and CD of this song to use at circle times.)

“Phonics Song” (I love this series by A. J. Jenkins and KIDSTV123, too! Free Phonics Poster from KIDSTV123)

“Phonics Song 2” by by A. J. Jenkins

“Phonics Song 3” by A. J. Jenkins

“ABC Song” by A. J. Jenkins

“ABC Song” from Hoopla Kidz

“The Alphabet Song” by The LMNOPs

Math Songs

“Numbers Song” by A. J. Jenkins

“Three Little Fishies” by Kiboomu

“Three Little Men in a Fying Saucer” from My Vox Songs

“Five little speckled frogs” from My Vox Songs

“Counting Ducks Song”

“5 Little Monkeys” from Super Simple Songs

“Alice the Camel”

“The Big Numbers Song” by A. J. Jenkins (Free Numbers Poster from KIDSTV123)

Cultural Songs


“The Continents Song”

“The Continent Song” Versions 1 and 2

“7 Continents Song”

Music With Nancy  – “The 7 Continents and 5 Oceans”

“Red, White and Blue” (with sign language) by Debbie Clement (While you’re there, if you follow Rainbows Within Reach via Networked Blogs in the left sidebar, Debbie will send you a free mp3 of “Monster Spray,” a fabulous song for helping children overcome fears of monsters. You can leave a comment in Debbie’s Free Monster Song post letting her know you’re following.)

“Animainiacs Wakko’s, US States” (fun elementary song about states and capitals)


“The Planets Song” by A. J. Jenkins

“The Solar System Song” by A. J. Jenkins

Music with Nancy – “Planets, Planets”

“The Planet Song”: a funny song by Bryant Oden

“Family of the Sun” from “Exploring the Planets” exhibition at the National Air and Space Museum until 2006.

Updated lyrics for beginning:

The Family of the Sun,
Its planets number eight,
Plus other rocky, icy worlds
That we appreciate.

Updated lyrics for Pluto:

Pluto’s small and cold.
It has an icy face.
We call it a dwarf planet now,
But its still quite a place.

Listing of Songs from a Number of Curriculum Areas

Song Packet from Kelly’s Kindergarten

Kids’ Songs and Lyrics from Kiboomu (Links to music previews and complete lyrics for tons of songs)

Little Fingers That Play – simple songs and fingerplays (lyrics and many videos)

All the Posts in the Free Songs for Circle Time Series

Free Character Education Songs Series at my Bits of Positivity Blog

Do you and your child or class have a favorite educational song?

Deb - Siganture

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