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By Deb Chitwood

August 20, 2010 Awards 42 Comments

Montessori Sensorial Activities
My Children’s Favorite Books from Their Childhood

I’m honored to have received some WONDERFUL awards during the last month since I received and passed on the Outstanding Blogger Award. I’m SO grateful to have received the Sunshine Award, Versatile Blogger Award, and Wild about Your Blog Award!

For the Sunshine Award and Versatile Blogger Award, I’m supposed to say thanks to the person who gave me the award, share 7 things about myself, and pass on the award to 10-20 bloggers who I have recently discovered and think are fantastic! I’ll pass the Wild about Your Blog Award on to blogs I discovered more than a month ago. I’m going to tell just 7 things total so you’re still awake when I pass on the awards.

First, the 7 things about myself.

1. I’m a book addict! I haven’t been able to part with a lot of the books from raising/homeschooling my children – so I’m ready when grandchildren come along!

2. I have monovision. (I see distance out of my right eye and read with my left eye.) I had laser surgery to correct the extreme nearsightedness in my right eye. My left eye is still extremely nearsighted but works well for reading.

3. I LOVE motivational quotes and enjoy creating digital word art. I also enjoy digital scrapbooking but don’t do it nearly as often as I’d like.

4. I’m like the family paparazzi! I carry a camera in my purse so I’m always ready to take photos.

5. Tuesday night is my favorite night of the week because it’s date night!

6. My husband and I had a sunrise wedding 35 years ago in our best friends’ backyard. It was magical. Their neighbor’s cat agreed (it was there).

7. Both my children received their bachelor’s degrees in the same year and were married within 8 months of each other.

Now, for the thank yous and passing on of the awards!!  

I’m going to focus on Montessori/homeschooling/parenting/education blogs today. Even so, I’m only able to award a fraction of the blogs I love. That’s the hard part.

Thank you SO much, Sunrise Learning Lab!

I’m passing on the Sunshine Award to 10 FANTASTIC blogs I’ve discovered in the last month or so (as alphabetized by my computer)

Homemade Homeschool

Kathy’s Montessori Life

Lego Quest Kids 

Little Fingers Big Dreams 

Montessori for Learning

Pink and Green Mama

The Activity Mom

The Adventures of Bear 

Training Happy Hearts

What do you do all day?

Thank you SO much, The Work Plan and Olives and Pickles!

I’m passing on the Versatile Blogger Award to 10 FANTASTIC blogs I’ve discovered in the last month or so (in alphabetical order):

2 Pequeños Traviesos 

5 Kids and a Dog  


Cooperating 4 boys 


Montessori Spanish

Rockin’ Granola

The Village of Moms 


Thank you SO much, Leptir!

I’m passing on the Wild about Your Blog Award to 25 blogs I’m WILD ABOUT that I’ve been following for awhile. I think I could go on and on naming blogs I’m wild about … but since I’m not allowed to go on forever … here are 25 of my favorites:

A-Tisket A-Tasket 

Baby Dust Diaries

Busy Mommy Media 

Chasing Cheerios 

Code Name: Mama

Hobo Mama

LaPaz Home Learning

Little Green Blog

Maybe Montessori

Mommy Moment

Montessori for Everyone 

Montessori Goldmine

My Home in the Smokies 

My Montessori Journey

Science at Home

Some Girls Website

Sunflower Schoolhouse

Super Parents 

Teach Preschool

Teaching Tiny Tots 

The Gruneisen Family News

The Homeschool Chick

The Tuckers Take Tennessee

The Wonder Years

And always, to my WONDERFUL readers, I pass on to you:

Montessori Sensorial Activities
My Children’s Favorite Books from Their Childhood
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