Montessori-Inspired Playdough Activities 101

Montessori-Inspired Playdough Activities 101September is a great month to focus on playdough. National Play-Doh Day is celebrated either September 16 or September 18 (Celebrate National Play-Doh Day in September by Meghan Ross at Examiner). While playdough isn’t an activity that’s typically associated with Montessori, you’ll find playdough in most Montessori schools and homeschools. You can use Montessori principles to get the most out of your school- or home playdough activities.

A simple playdough activity can improve a child’s attention span, sense of order, independence, creativity, sensory refinement, and coordination. In a classroom, playdough will often provide for social interaction.

Montessori Principles Used with Playdough Activities

Food-preparation activities are an important part of the Montessori curriculum. Playdough making helps develop many of the same skills as food-preparation activities. Having your child help make your playdough is another great Montessori-inspired activity.

You’ll notice that Montessorians typically have a tray or container with playdough that will be kept on a low shelf. A child can choose the playdough activity, set it up, work with the playdough, and put away the activity when he or she is finished. Sometimes, there might be a playdough area set up at a table.

In Montessori, the child can typically choose to work alone or to invite other children to work with him or her. Playdough work often naturally becomes a social event.

There are more fabulous playdough activities online than could possibly be covered here, but following are some great ideas for basic Montessori-inspired playdough activities for home or school.

Montessori-Inspired Playdough Basics

Activity of the Week – Playdough Table (similar to what I often set up in the kitchen with various playdough activities when my children were little)

Montessori-Inspired Playdough Work (Photo from To the Lesson!)

Montessori-Inspired Playdough Work (Photo from To the Lesson!)

Keeping It Simple (photo showing playdough inside container with green lid, wooden board for workspace,  and a rectangular basket with rolling pin and other tools), Pipe Clearner Sculptures (an activity set up to encourage creativity and exploration at the beginning of the school year), and Playdough Presentation (showing a playdough setup with individual playdough containers) from To the Lesson!

Art Shelf with Playdough (from How We Montessori)

Art Shelf with Playdough (from How We Montessori)

Our Art Centre (photo – shows playdough activity along with other art materials), Playdough Play (playdough activity for a baby), and Playdough – Tools or No Tools? from How We Montessori

5 Montessori Benefits of Play-Doh for Preschoolers from Parenting in the Moment

Making Play Dough (Making Montessori Ours)

Making Play Dough (Making Montessori Ours)

Making Play Dough & Fun and Colorless Play Dough from Making Montessori Ours

Super Easy Play-Doh Recipe (Photo from The Moveable Alphabet)

Super Easy Play-Doh Recipe (Photo from The Moveable Alphabet)

Super Easy Play-Doh Recipe (an activity children can complete alone) from The Moveable Alphabet

Making Play Doh (Photo from Peaceful Parenting)

Making Play Doh (Photo from Peaceful Parenting)

Making Play Doh from Peaceful Parenting

Something from Nothing (toddler helping make playdough) from The Montessori Motherload

DIY Play Dough Recipe (includes a way young children can help) by Jessie from the Education of Ours at Mommy Moment.

Play Dough, Smell Dough (focusing on adding to the sensorial experience) from the Accidental Crafter

Homemade Playdough is Good for the Senses from Carrots Are Orange

Homemade Playdough Recipe and Notes (includes links to Montessori-inspired themed playdough activities) from Counting Coconuts

Montessori explores all natural gluten-free play dough and finger paints by Jocelyn Scotty at Examiner

Edible Play Dough Recipe (safe for baby) from Stay at Home Educator

“20 month-old putting away play dough, Montessori home” (extremely cute and inspiring video from Sew Liberated)

YouTube Preview Image

Play Dough Sculpting (tutorial for a play dough sculpting kit at Mama Liberated {Sew Liberated}), Once Upon a Time There Was a Little Boy Who Loved Play-Doh (playdough-making activity at school)

Threading pony beads onto pipe cleaners stuck in playdugh from Strong Start

Playdoh Color Mixing (Photo from Trillium Montessori)

Playdoh Color Mixing (Photo from Trillium Montessori)

Making Shapes with Playdoh and Toothpicks and Playdoh Color Mixing Work from Tillium Montessori

Playdough & Craft Recipes Pinterest Board

Pinterest - Playdough and Craft Recipes

Pinterest – Playdough and Craft Recipes

I have a Playdough & Craft Recipes Pinterest Board with lots of awesome ideas for playdough along with other craft recipes of all kinds. Of course, if you follow me on Pinterest, you’ll see my themed boards with playdough activities for different themes as well.

Have fun! :)

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