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Preparing Family Meals Together

Even though some of my favorite family creations happen with my now-adult kids, the roots of these creations began when my kids were little. Giving opportunities for my children to help with meal preparation when they were younger has made my life MUCH EASIER and MUCH MORE FUN when we have family gatherings now.

Start Preparing Meals Together When Your Kids are Little

The easiest way to enjoy family togetherness during meal preparation is to start the habit when your kids are little. My kids started developing food-preparation skills as preschoolers: Favorite Recipes for Preschoolers Are Often the Easiest. Here’s a roundup post with lots of links for helping young children learn food-preparation skills: Montessori-Inspired Food Preparation for Preschoolers.

For family gatherings when my children were preschoolers, I generally did the cooking alone or with any other adults and older children present. My kids participated in the table setting, though. As they grew older, they took on many of the meal-preparation activities for special family meals. (See Homeschool Thanksgiving and my daughter, Christina’s, thoughts.) Along with helping with the food preparation, my son, Will, set the table for each family meal. He even added more special touches than I normally would, such as setting out and lighting candles.

Preparing Family Meals Together as Adults

Deb and Christina in the Kitchen

Deb and Christina in the Kitchen

Will, Christina, and Tom (my son-in-love) just finished a wonderful 4th of July week in Colorado Springs. (Chea, my daughter-in-love, had to coach at a skating competition and couldn’t come on this trip.) During the week, we had opportunities to prepare food together.

It’s common for us to prepare family meals and treats together. Will and Tom typically take part in the food preparation along with Christina and me (and Chea when she’s along, too.) I’m lucky that they’re all good cooks.

There’s nothing like working together in the kitchen preparing meals and baked goods for holidays and special times together. My husband, Terry, doesn’t usually get involved in the cooking part, although he is the official smoothie maker, preparing fruit smoothies for everyone on occasion.

The kids and I all work together to prepare the meal, Will still typically sets the table, and we all clean up together afterwards. I’m thankful I started this tradition early. I never dread family get-togethers. They’re just good excuses to enjoy spending time with my family and working together in the kitchen. 🙂

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