Montessori Monday – What Is Montessori Inspired?

The Beauty of Using Montessori Principles of Freedom and Consistency
Montessori-Inspired Continent Activities with Animal Figures and Landmarks - North America

Montessori Monday - What Is Montessori Inspired?I’ve been asked what sorts of activities qualify as “Montessori inspired.” That’s a great question … especially since the Montessori Monday link-up is for Montessori-inspired activities and ideas. It isn’t the simplest question to answer, though. There are a number of different ways to approach Montessori education, and Montessori-inspired activities and ideas mean different things to different people.

Montessori Monday activities can be for any level … infant through high school. I’m a progressive Montessorian, so I’ll give some examples of Montessori-inspired activities and ideas from the viewpoint of a progressive Montessorian.

Montessori-Inspired Activities and Ideas That Are Good for Montessori Monday

Traditional Montessori Materials and Presentations

Traditional Montessori materials and presentations for activities in the areas of practical life, sensorial, language, math, and cultural are naturally Montessori inspired.

Montessori Philosophy

If you have posts explaining Montessori principles or discussing a Montessori controversy, we’d love to read them. Your posts will help parents new to Montessori education and often stimulate thought to make us better parents and/or teachers.

DIY Montessori Materials

Tutorials for DIY Montessori materials are especially helpful for the many homeschoolers who follow Montessori Monday. I love to see new, creative variations of Montessori materials as well as more traditional DIY Montessori materials. It’s always interesting to read in your blog posts about what worked well … or didn’t work well.

Activity Trays with Hands-on Activities

Activity trays (or baskets) with hands-on activities are a great choice. You can be creative with your activities.

You might want to turn a craft or another activity into a Montessori-inspired activity tray. (See “Turning Valentine Crafts into Montessori-Oriented Activities.”)

Or you might want to use printables to create Montessori-inspired activity trays. (See “How to Use Printables to Create Montessori-Inspired Activities.”)

You might create activity trays for a unit study, season, or holiday. (See “Should You Use Unit Studies?”)

Practical Life Activities

There are practical life activities for care of self, care of the environment, control of movement (fine-motor and gross-motor skills), and grace and courtesy. Activities in any of these areas are great for Montessori Monday.

Sensory Activities

Sensorial activities are very important in Montessori education, although not all sensory activities are Montessori activities. I still think they qualify as Montessori-inspired activities, though, because of their emphasis on sensory experiences. If you have sensory bins or sensory activities of almost any kind, please link them up.

Hands-on Language Activities

Montessori education uses phonics to teach reading, so reading activities that are phonics based are especially good. (See “DIY Beginning Montessori Phonics for Preschoolers.”) But most hands-on language activities will work well.

Hands-on Math Activities

Most hands-on math activities work well for Montessori Monday.

Hands-on Cultural Activities

Most hands-on cultural activities in areas such as geography, history, general science, botany and zoology, music, and art are great for Montessori Monday.

Montessori Homeschooling Posts

If you have posts telling about how you’re using Montessori activities and ideas in your homeschool or co-op, please link them up.

Montessori Printables or Printables That Work Well for Creating Hands-On Activities

Montessori printables such as 3-part cards are traditional Montessori materials. But I’m happy to see printables linked up as well that can be used to create hands-on activities.

What Isn’t Montessori Inspired

Here are a few things that are best to avoid linking up on Montessori Monday because they don’t go with Montessori philosophy and would be confusing for parents and teachers looking for Montessori-inspired activities.

Don’t Link up Worksheets

Montessori-education emphasizes hands-on education, so worksheets wouldn’t be the best to link up. The printables that work best are ones that can be used to create hands-on activities.

Don’t Link up Pretend-Play Activities

Montessori education emphasizes reality and concrete learning experiences in the early years. While many Montessorians (myself included) aren’t against pretend play, pretend play isn’t Montessori-inspired and wouldn’t be the best to link up. For Montessori Monday, I don’t care if literature-based activities aren’t always focused on reality, though. If you have something like Dr. Seuss activity trays or activity trays with a fantasy theme, feel free to link them up. For the most part, don’t link up something that isn’t mainly based on reality unless it’s an activity tray.

Don’t Link up Reward Charts and Reward and/or Punishment Posts

Montessori education doesn’t use rewards or punishments, so posts about using them would be confusing for Montessori Monday. Gentle discipline posts work well along with posts about using encouragement rather than praise.

If you’re still wondering if an activity is Montessori inspired, don’t be afraid to link it up. Many learning activities are based on some Montessori principles, so don’t spend a lot of time worrying about whether you’re linking up something that isn’t Montessori inspired. We love to have you join us with what you think are Montessori-inspired activities and ideas! See more suggestions for Montessori Monday below. 🙂

Montessori Monday Link-Up

Montessori MondayIf you have some Montessori activity trays/lessons to share, please link up below. It’s fine to link up a post from your archives – and you may link up anytime during the week! Your post may be any Montessori-inspired activity or idea. It doesn’t need to be related to my Montessori Monday post.

Link up your exact post URL so that we can find your activity if we return to the linky at a later date (which I often do when I’m looking for activities for a roundup post). I publish the Montessori Monday post and linky at 6:00 a.m. EST each Monday and keep the linky open throughout the week.

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The Beauty of Using Montessori Principles of Freedom and Consistency
Montessori-Inspired Continent Activities with Animal Figures and Landmarks - North America
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