Montessori and My Children – Theory vs. Reality

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Montessori and My Children - Theory vs. RealityMy children are adults now, but they were raised with Montessori principles from the time they were babies. (See “How to Set Up Your Home for an Infant by Using Montessori Principles” for the start of our Montessori journey at home.)

Montessori Resources

I have a page of Montessori Resources with lots of posts about the Montessori principles my husband and I used to raise our now-adult children.

(Note: If you’d like to use Montessori principles and wonder where to start, I have a post called “How to Start Using Montessori at Home” with links for different ages of children and different ways to use Montessori at home.)

My Now-Adult Montessori Children

Will in the Montessori Classroom at Age 2, 1987

Will in the Montessori Classroom at Age 2, 1987

Christina in the Montessori Classroom at Age 2, 1992

Christina in the Montessori Classroom at Age 2, 1992

In one of my first posts at Living Montessori Now, I said that many former Montessori students are known for their initiative, creativity, and self confidence (“Famous People Influenced by Montessori”). Would I apply those terms to my children? Definitely!

Actually, I have to say that Montessori parenting in reality is better than I expected from Montessori parenting in theory. In “Why I Used Montessori Principles in My Parenting Philosophy,” I wrote about some of the qualities Montessori principles helped my children develop:

  • kindness
  • love of learning
  • competence and the ability to be successful
  • sense of order
  • ability to concentrate
  • persistence
  • independence
  • no education burn-out
  • academic success.

But, when I think about it, one of the qualities that impresses me the most (and I’m sure it comes at least in large part from Montessori principles) is the comfortableness both my kids have with being who they are. As teenagers (and adults), they didn’t feel a need to experiment with drinking or drugs to fit in with their peers. They’ve stayed lifelong vegetarians even if their peers encouraged them to eat meat.

Will and Christina are both entrepreneurs and very comfortable with running their own businesses and finding new, creative ways to improve their businesses. If you’d like to see my kids in action as adults, I’ll share a few YouTube videos of them.

Will decided at age 10 that he wanted to be a DJ when he first saw a DJ at a roller skating rink. At age 16, he started DJing in Colorado Springs. Will moved his DJ business to San Diego in 2007. In San Diego, he has two very successful businesses as a skating coach and DJ (owner of Dancing DJ Productions).

Here’s DJ Will’s Wedding Video:

Christina’s bachelor’s degree in Performance and Professional Practice is from England. She earned it while competing internationally in ice dance for Great Britain. Her bachelor’s dissertation is called A Study to Investigate if There is a Need for Acting Lessons for Competitive Figure Skaters. Using the results of her dissertation, Christina started a new business as a performance coach. Here’s a video of one of her performance classes in England:

Christina, with her former dance partner Mark Hanretty, also starred in a Learn to Dance on Ice DVD. You can see Christina and Mark at the beginning and end of this promotional video:

Now Christina is a successful coach/choreographer in San Diego and fitness specialist with a website and two blogs. UPDATE: Here are some fun dance workouts with Christina on YouTube.

Both Will and Christina are simply used to following their interests and doing what works for them. They are true lifelong learners. I have to say, that’s much better than I ever expected when I started this amazing parenting journey!


This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting with the theme Parenting in Theory vs. in Reality. This month our participants are sharing how their ideas and methods of parenting have changed.

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Safari Ltd. Review and Giveaway - 5 TOOBS (Farm/Horses/Dogs ARV $60)
Montessori Monday - Montessori-Inspired Summer Playdough Activities
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