How Can Montessori Fit into Your Family?

How to Be a Relaxed Homeschooler
Montessori-Inspired Activities for Earth Day Every Day
Montessori Leaf Washing Activity (Photo from the Moveable Alphabet)

Montessori Leaf Washing Activity (Photo from the Moveable Alphabet)

It’s that time of year. If you haven’t already decided, now is a good time to seriously consider what you want to do about your preschool child’s education in the autumn. What’s perfect for another family might not be right for you … it’s just a matter of finding what works for your unique family.

Montessori education has much to offer families with young children. Even though Montessori schools are the most visible forms of Montessori education, there are a number of great options. Here are some options to consider:

  • Enrolling your child in a Montessori school.
  • Creating a Montessori homeschool classroom or space for your child.
  • Using Montessori principles at home (which can work well for children in any type of school or home environment).
Following are some resources to help you decide which option is best for your child.

Enrolling Your Child in a Montessori School

If you’re interested in a Montessori preschool for your child, here are two helpful YouTube videos on choosing a Montessori preschool:

Here’s a helpful post: Brief Answers to Questions Parents Often Ask by Tim Seldin and Paul Epstein at The Montessori Foundation.

If you’d like to know more about the Montessori method and see it in action, I have lots of posts with YouTube videos showing ideas from Montessori Schools.

Creating a Montessori Homeschool Classroom or Space for Your Child

For many families, a complete Montessori classroom or a small Montessori space in the house is the ideal solution. My son experienced my Montessori preschool and Montessori homeschool. He loved both, and they were both perfect for their time. My daughter was always homeschooled until college. She loved Montessori homeschool, and homeschooling was the perfect solution for her education through high school.

If you would like to use Montessori education in your homeschool, here are some articles to look at:

How to Set Up a Montessori Preschool Classroom at Home

How to Use Montessori at Home from Montessori Print Shop

How to Create a Montessori-Style Home School by Andrea Coventry at eHow

My Montessori Homeschool Classroom and Materials category has many posts about setting up a homeschool classroom or space.

UPDATE with additional posts from my blog:

How to Set Up a Montessori Space at Home

How to Set Up a Montessori Homeschool Classroom

Using Montessori Principles at Home

Montessori principles are wonderful to use at home regardless of your child’s school situation. You’re probably already using some of them.

My Top 10 Montessori Principles for Natural Learning lists Montessori principles you can use at home whether or not you have specific Montessori materials.

My Montessori principles category includes a number of posts covering basic Montessori principles that are appropriate for home or school.

My Montessori techniques category has lots of posts with specific Montessori techniques you can use to teach your child or to supplement your child’s education at home.

Often, you’ll have a feeling about what is right for your child and family. Focus on what feels right for your family … and enjoy your child’s amazing preschool years!

Photo Credit: Leaf Washing photo from The Moveable Alphabet.
How to Be a Relaxed Homeschooler
Montessori-Inspired Activities for Earth Day Every Day
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